My daily life with my 3-year-old and 4-month-old daughters is busy, as you might imagine. Throw in the fact that my husband and I work full time and are sleep-deprived, and you've got yourself quite the daily adventure! Controlled chaos rules.



On weekdays, I always try to get up while everyone else is still sleeping so I can pump and get ready for work. That way, I can be available to handle whatever craziness ensues once the sun comes up. 


If I'm lucky, Lavender will sleep until 7:00am although lately she has been getting up at 5:45am. Can someone tell me what THAT is all about?


Wash up and put on make up for work. I have everyone at work fooled into thinking I have my life together. Hint: Wearing a bright lipstick color and gold accessories helps to make you look super put together, like you weren’t just wiping toothpaste off your daughter’s school uniform. 



Our home comes to life. Lavender usually likes me to snuggle and lay in bed with her for a bit. If Lemon is happy on her own, I can eat some breakfast at the table with my tea. If Lemon has a nappy poop blowout, I take my tea and plate of eggs to work. 



Our nanny arrives and I kiss my girls (and sometimes my husband!) and go to work.


Okay, who do I think I'm kidding? I usually get into work closer to 8:00am but really, 7:45am is my goal time. I usually don't make it in that early. Thank goodness for my super-understanding and supportive co-workers. 


All day until 3:00pm

Work. I sometimes joke that being at work is easier than being at home. Actually, it's not a joke. At work, I can brew a cup of tea, eat my lunch in peace, pump whenever I need to, and joke around and chat with my coworkers. I love work. 



Lavender and I walk home. I send Lemon's nanny home and it's just us three girls at home until my husband comes home at 6:00pm. 


This time alone with my girls is always a struggle for me. I am still learning how to manage meeting the needs of 4-month-old Lemon with super-attached Lavender, who is still learning to share her mummy's attention with her baby sister. I am always relieved when my husband gets home from work. Two adults to two children is a better ratio!



Dinner with Lavender. My husband and I are trying something new where we don't wait for him to come home before starting dinner. We used to try to have a family dinner every night but it ended up being too stressful. We would start dinner too late and that would push bedtime back too late. Late bedtime = 3-year-old meltdown = Mama losing her sh*t.



Pump. Oh yes. Again. 



The bedtime scramble. The next hour is a mish-mash of brushing teeth, doing the dishes if we're lucky enough to find the time, tidying up the living room, and other general end-of-day wrap up activities. 


No matter how hard we try, we can never seem to start bedtime early enough. This is the part of the day when my patience is tested the most. Parents and children are both thoroughly exhausted. Lavender is often close to tears, Lemon is sometimes fussing, and my patience is wearing very thin. My husband and I are holding on to our sanity by a hair. 



Lights out. I am someone that needs enough sleep to function, so I make it a point to sleep when my girls are asleep. That means it's a priority to get everything done while they're awake so I can go to bed with them. 



Wake up to pump. Oh joy. If I simply cannot open my eyes, I might snooze until 2:00am. Bad Mama.



Wake up to feed and soothe Lemon back to sleep. She's 4 months old now and still wakes anywhere from 1-3 times per night. 


Every night is different. Last night I went to bed at 8:30pm, woke up at 11:15am to feed her, heated up a bottle at 2:00am (I should have pumped but couldn't find the will *in my soul* to stay awake), pumped at 3:30am, and woke up at 7:00am with the girls. 


If it sounds like my life is trying a complete barrel full of monkeys, it's because it is! Check back with me in about two years. I might have it all together then. 


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