A Five Minute Workout For Your Glutes

A Five Minute Workout For Your Glutes

‘Mum bum’ is all too real after pregnancy. As if it’s not enough to come out of birth with a dizzying array of hormones changing your mood, strange empty stomach and heavy boobs, we can also discover that the pert bottom we had has all but disappeared. What…?!! Where did it go? Blame pregnancy.
As our bump grows, our centre of gravity shifts especially in our second trimester. We get pulled forwards yet our body isn’t used to this change so we are more prone to stumbles and falls. To counteract the change in the centre of gravity, our body often switches tactics on what muscles it uses to keep stability. And in the case of ‘mum bum’, many women tend to use their glutes less, instead, tucking it their bum (also known as a posterior pelvic tilt) to compensate. As a result of being in this position for months, even after birth, we can still keep that bum tucked under which means that we may not be using our glutes as we used to.
If you’re looking for exercises to regain your butt, I’ve put together a bum-burning 5 minute workout which you can do anytime you have a spare few minutes, whilst you’re waiting for the bus (who cares what you look like) or whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. For a micro workout, do each exercise for 1 minute. Or make your glutes work super hard with 3 sets.

Squat pulses
Start with your feet just slightly wider than hip-width apart. Keeping your chest upright and without curving your back, tighten your core and bend your knees. At your lowest point, stay where you are and add in a few pulses. Straighten back up, breathing in, before you repeat.

The king of all glute exercises! As before, start with your feet just slightly wider than hip-width apart. Keeping your chest upright and without curving your back, tighten your core and bend your knees. As you come up, drive through the thighs and squeeze your glutes. Squat side leg lifts I always find I do this one automatically when I have music on in the house, swapping the leg lifts for toe taps. And also sometimes when I’m at the crossing waiting for the lights to change… With this one, start with a little squat before pushing off with one leg, lifting it up a few inches off the ground. You don’t have to lift it too high for this to be effective. And if you’re still breast-feeding, definitely don’t lift it off the ground too much as you’ll still have lots of relaxin in your body and hips can be unstable still.

Static Lunges
Take a large enough step forward with your right leg so that when you bend both knees, you’re roughly making a 90’ angle and your front knee isn’t going past your front foot. Keep your chest upright as you bend your knees, your back foot on the ball of the foot, pulling your core in tight. Straighten your legs to return to your original position. Swap sides after a minute.

Top tips:
1) Include your pelvic floor exercises into your movements also; as you bend for the
squats, exhale and pull your pelvic floor in and up, whilst imagining zipping up your
2) Keep the weight of the squats on your heels. Especially as you lower towards the floor, be aware that you want to keep your core tight and reduce any curving of your back.
3) Focus on using your thighs and glutes when you straighten your legs.
Remember, if you feel any sharp pain, or pain other than muscle burn, take a break.

Enjoy your workout and tag us in it if you decide to have a go! 


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