Introducing Rita!


Hello there! I am pleased to be writing my first blog for FreeRider and am eager to introduce myself and my sweet little family to you. My husband Tran and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary next month and we are blessed with two little
girls, Lavender and Lemon. Lavender just celebrated her 3rd birthday and Lemon is almost one month old!


Lemon is the sweetest little thing, although she often refuses to stay asleep unless she is being held. As a result, Tran and I are both quite starved for sleep these days - par for the course for new parents, unfortunately! Lemon is starting to develop the most deliciously chubby baby cheeks and double chin. She is still sleeping most hours of the day, but sometimes when she opens her dark, beautiful eyes, I am so happy to look at her awake little face and imagine what she will look like one day. Perhaps like her big sister, Lavender!

In her own words, Lavender likes “princess, ballerina, fairies, rings, make up, and face painting.” She loves to dance and sing, play dress-up, and pretend to sell ice cream. Lavender asks thoughtful, intelligent questions like, “Why you have to floss?” It is my joy to continue watching her grow into this lovely little lady.


As you might imagine, our family life can sometimes be a little bonkers. As a mum of two

little girls, I am learning to do most things with one hand while wishing I had four! I am constantly balancing how to give enough attention to each girl while taking care of myself and being a loving wife! As I write this, I am on maternity leave from my work as a preschool teacher. Lavender is at school and Tran is at work while I quietly type and hope Lemon doesn’t wake up from her nap just yet! Though I enjoy the rare quiet, I also find myself missing my family and eagerly look forward to when the four of us will be together again this evening.


I have so much more to share with you and look forward to writing about how parenting can be challenging, awesome, and downright wacky. I am also excited to show you how babywearing has been an enormous help to me these first few weeks of being a mum of two. Until then!


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