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5 Reasons Mums are Loving Freerider Co. Slings

Here's why parents everywhere are choosing slings to go hands-free in style.


They let you go hands free and get more done in your day.

Your to-do list is getting longer, and you've only got one pair of hands. We know the feeling.

Our wraps were designed to empower you to be you most productive self without having to put your little one down.


They help create naturally better bonds between you and baby.

Being close enough to hear a parent's heartbeat and their voice helps strengthen a natural bond between you and your baby.

It's not just Mums either, Dads get an opportunity for some quality bonding time that they've missed out on for the last 9 months.


Less crying.

Studies show that carried babies cry up to 43% less (yes, that's actually true).

But we don't need a scientific study to tell us that every time we put a baby in our wraps, they fall straight to sleep, it's the cutest.


Other carriers are really not designed for summer.

Your body heat, your baby's body heat and a sunny afternoon - things can get pretty warm! But not in a Freerider Co. wrap.

Designed from super lightweight and breathable fabric, our wraps are designed to keep you both comfortably cool, all summer long.


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