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Our Work

We strive to encourage an active parent, whilst nurturing the closeness, comfort and growing connection between you and your newborn, with a natural touch from sustainable materials.
Being close, feeling your warmth, physical touch and hearing your heartbeat is a natural place of security for your little one. Naturally, when a child feels secure, they settle easily allowing for maximum time embracing those sleepy snuggles and getting some of those daily tasks done.
We believe that creating those early memories through experiences shared together forms the most secure and loving of relationships. As a new parent keeping active through our daily tasks can not only be essential for practical reasons but also our own health and happiness.
We have worked tirelessly to make sure our infant wraps are a reflection of personal taste whilst encompassing all the physical and emotional benefits of carrying your little one close.
Crafted from pulp of Eucalypus trees our signature fabric is three times softer than cotton whilst being both extremely lightweight and breathable. You can rest assured knowing that only natural materials touch your baby’s soft skin when wearing our wraps.

A Founders Note

FreeRider’s purpose is to help parents stay active whilst sharing experiences that strengthen the connection between you and your little one in the most natural and environmentally conscious way possible. Being active has always been at the heart of my life and I truly believe it is a major factor for personal happiness. When looking for a gift for my newly pregnant sister, it was a natural thing for me to look for a product that would help her get out the house with ease. Previously having a career in sports textiles, I understood the essential role fabric plays in both comfort and breathability. That in combination with my consciousness around sustainable living and environmentally responsible production, selecting a fabric that embraced all of this was a must. Whilst comfort and sustainably sourced materials were essentials, it was important to come up with designs that would suit the modern day parent. Having a newborn around, especially your first, changes your life and alongside all the amazing things that come with that, it can be hard to stay true to your own personality and style. You deserve a product that suits your own style and makes you feel good. We truly believe that the best gift we could give to a new parent is the encouragement of an active lifestyle, being able to carry on with those daily tasks with ease and comfort, as well as the opportunity to create close and memorable moments together with their newborns.

Scarlett Williams

We Are Different

Purpose We strive to encourage an active parent, whilst nurturing the closeness, comfort and growing connection between you and your newborn, with a natural touch from sustainable materials.

Fabric Wraps are normally around 4.5 to 5m of fabric so by far this is the main component any parent should consider when buying a wrap.
Sustainably sourced Crafted from pulp of Eucalypus trees Tencel fabric defines a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort. The environmentally conscious production of Tencel produces a smooth fibre surface which absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton and helps to support the body’s natural temperature. We put our conscious mind to everything from our fabric to our recyclable packaging and we are proud to be working towards leaving a better planet for our future generations. All our wraps are made in Turkey in trusted factories where we can guarantee safe and fair working conditions.
Breathable and Lightweight This is a really important consideration because a baby sling is something you will be wearing on top of your clothing and it will layer on top of your baby’s clothing. A sling is also the perfect thing to put on when your on the go, so you have to consider that you will be being active in the sling (walking on the go) and this generates a slightly elevated body temperature. A thin, lightweight and breathable fabric will be an essential.
Incredibly soft Our fabric is 30% softer than cotton. The silky softness is the first thing you will notice when you have a FreeRider wrap in your hands and is an essential when pressed up against your baby’s delicate skin.

Design Our prints are designed in collaboration with London’s top print designers. We have really put a focus on creating a range of unisex colours and prints so that both mum and dad can enjoy the benefits of carrying.