Our Materials

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do

Quality, design, and sustainability are at the centre of our fabric selection process, ensuring products that are long-lasting and expertly made. Shop with confidence knowing our clothing and accessories have environmental impact standards we’re proud to put our name to.

Our Fabrics


Our core fabric is the award-winning Austrian TENCEL™, a fibre of botanical origin that’s certified biobased and fully biodegradable. The versatility of the fibres mean they can be used alone for a gentle, soft feel like our 100% TENCEL™ baby slings and muslins, or combined with other textiles for functional materials that look and feel fabulous.


Q-NOVA® by Fulgar is an ultra lightweight and breathable nylon 6.6 fibre that has some of the best dyeing quality in the industry, allowing us to create patterns and colours that won’t fade with wear. Q-NOVA uses less water and emits less CO2 in the production process than other fibres, and is Higg index, EU Ecolabel, and Global Recycled Standard certified.

Recycled Polyester

If, like us, you think plastic bottles are a significant environmental issue, you’ll love recycled polyester. Made from repurposed polyethylene terephthalate, these fabrics save thousands of plastic bottles from going to the landfill, and can be combined with other fibres to produce beautiful garments and accessories.


A major consideration with sustainable maternity clothing is stretchability, which is why we use ROICA™ Eco Smart Recycled Elastane, the world’s first Global Recycled Standard certified responsibly made stretch fibre. The toxin and chemical free fibre, combined with other favourites like organic cotton and recycled polyester, ensure we can produce high-quality, long-lasting garments that stretch around growing bodies and maintain their original shape post-pregnancy.

Organic Cotton

Free from synthetic chemicals and certified organic, our cotton fibres are incredibly soft and maintain breathability after machine washing. Cotton is the most common fabric type for maternity clothing and accessories, but we’ve taken it a step further to ensure our products consistently meet our high standards.

Our Factories and Ethical Practices

We only work with manufacturing partners who hold the same core values. Working conditions, employee safety, and sustainable practices are non-negotiable when sourcing fabric manufacturers and the factories that make our products. We agree working relationships with factories that have a track record of meeting our standards, ensuring fair treatment and products that are of the highest quality.

Thank you for supporting our vision for cleaner maternity fashion.
Together we can make a difference.

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