Tying a baby wrap might look a little complicated, but honestly it's easier than it looks - that's a promise. Check out our videos below to learn how to tie your baby sling, how to put your baby in a carrier wrap and some top tips on carrying your baby.  

Tying Your Wrap

Start here. Follow this guide to show you how to tie your wrap before putting you little one in. Don't worry, you'll have the hang of it in no time.

Putting Your Baby In

Now your wrap is tied, it's time to get baby in the wrap and get going. If you need any more info, check out the rest of our videos below.


Is baby too loose in their sling? This useful how to video will show you the stage in which you can tighten up your sling a little so baby feels more secure.

Head Support

For newborns, especially under 4 months, it is vital to help support their head. This tutorial shows you how you can support baby's head when they are in a Freerider Co sling.

Men and Plus Size

Freerider Co. slings come in one length but the are perfect for all shapes and sizes. If you find you can't bring the fabric round to the front in that last tying stage, not to worry, you can also double tie the knot behind your back. Check out this tutorial on how to do this.

Shoulder Flip

If baby if facing a certain way in the sling, it can be really useful to know how to manipulate the fabric to open up that side, as baby's face should always be in view to a parent. Check out this useful 'How To Shoulder Flip' tutorial.

Taking Baby Out

It is really simple to take baby safely out of a sling. Watch this video and see just how simple it is.

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